Bone Grafting For Dental Implants Cost

Bone Grafting For Dental Implants Cost

Bone Grafting

The cost for having dental bone graft implant treatment varies hugely because it depends on the following three factors.

  1. The exact type of bone grafting required. The exact type is categorised into four different areas. This depends on the source of the bone graft material. The four different types are autograft, allograft, xenograft and alloplastic graft. The autograft is considered to be the ideal and best because it comes from the patient’s own source.

There is no risk of rejection or cross infection. However, autografts are much more technique sensitive and demand a high level of skill from the surgeon. They also therefore subject the patient to another surgical operation which has complications in itself and this also means more pain and swelling afterwards.

The allograft is of human origin but not from the patient himself. It is a bone graft that is therefore sourced from another human being. Some patients just do not like the idea of having somebody else’s “body parts “inserted into their own. In any case, the protein has been denatured so there are no risks with cross infection.

The xenograft is born from a pig or cow. Many patients due to religious or moral reasons do not feel comfortable in having a bone graft from the porcine or bovine source.

The alloplastic bone graft is synthetic bone. Although it is convenient, many dentists do not feel it is as good as natural bone.

  1. The second important factor to consider is the area which requires bone grafting. It goes without saying that the larger the area that needs to be grafted, the more extensive the surgery and therefore the cost will also be increased.
  1. The final important factor is the surgeon’s own individual premium. A general dentist will cost far less than a specialised surgeon. Also, if you are going to a dentist not in the city centre and in a less expensive area, the cost will also be reflected.


However, just to give a general indication of costs, here are typical guidelines of bone graft surgery.

Having a bone graft placed at the same time a tooth is taken out, will cost in the region of £250 extra.

Having a bone graft placed at the same time an implant is put in, will cost in the region of £400-£1000 extra per implant.

For multiple implants, the cost will probably be proportionally less per implant site.

For maxillary sinus lift augmentation and block grafts, the cost will range from £1000 to £2000 thousand pounds extra.