Case Study – Gingival Overgrowth

Case Study - Gingival Overgrowth

Case Study

This was a case report concerning a patient who had been booked in just before the Christmas break as an emergency. The radiograph shows a fractured pinned crown in UL5 with the fracture being subgingival and a degree of gingival tissue overgrowth. It was not possible to recement the fractured portion of the tooth so an alternative had to be considered.


An easy and conventional treatment was the construction of a partial upper denture to replace UL5 however due to the Christmas break, there was no way the dental lab could have fabricated one with such time constraints. In the consultation a discussion of other solutions included:

  • Placing pins around the remaining root and a composite restoration,
  • Preparation of the adjacent crown and construction of a temporary bridge,
  • Pin removal with a new direct post.


In the end, the gingivae were reflected back and 3 dentine pins placed with a composite crown build up. Needless to say, this patient was extremely grateful at being able to carry on her day to day activities without the embarrassment of an unsightly gap.

She was given instructions to be extremely careful with biting as this was only a very temporary measure until a full discussion could take place for a permanent solution.