Dentures Or Implants

Dentures Or Implants

This is a common question amongst patients and it can sometimes depend on who you go to. If you go to an implant dentist, he or she will tell you that implants are the best solution. However if you go to a dentist who specialises in dentures, he will tell you that dentures are better.

In reality, the answer lies between the two.

Implants are not suitable for all situations and likewise, dentures are not suitable for all patients either.

To make an informed choice, various bits of information need to be made available to you. This includes costs. But within this, you need to know the initial costs but also ongoing costs and long-term costs of treatments and possible complications that can occur with any treatment.

How long will the treatment take is a good question to ask. You may not want to or be able to undergo a lengthy complex treatment involving long sessions and many visits.

The chances of success also need to be weighed up appropriately. Although implants may seem a good solution for you, complications may arise and you should be aware of these and how these could be dealt with.

Your expectations with a certain treatment are important. You may need to be aware that if you are having dental implants and dentures made, they may move about and you may not become used to them very easily. On the other hand, having an implant may not have the exact aesthetic results that you expect and you could be disappointed.

Finally, when exploring the decision between implants or dentures, you need to also explore subcategories of each. For instance, dentures have evolved and different types are available as with implants as well.

Always take your time in making the correct decision and be prepared to get second and even third opinions.