Gum Pain After An Extraction

Gum Pain After An Extraction

Gum pain can occur after you have had a tooth extracted. If you have had several teeth taken out then this gum pain will be more likely and more common than just having a simple extraction of one tooth carried out.

Gum pain after an extraction may be simply due to where you had the injection placed prior to the extraction. The injection site has just caused a bruising. This usually clears up after 24 hours after the extraction.

Gum pain after an extraction is often due to the physical trauma of having a tooth or teeth removed. After all, an extraction is a surgical procedure and all surgical procedures cause an initial trauma to the body which the body responds to.

The pain from a trauma after extraction will be dealt with by the body’s natural healing process which may take seven days.

However, if the extraction was particularly difficult and you think that you may have an infection, you should go and see a dentist who may need to prescribe you antibiotics and further painkillers to prevent the infection for occuring or going further.

Gum pain can also be caused by a condition called dry socket. A dry socket is simply a socket which has become infected. The gum will appear red, swollen and will be extremely painful to touch. Dry socket is more likely if the extraction was a difficult one or you are a smoker.

In all cases, you should go back and see your dentist who will advise you further.