Is There a Way For Dental Students To Improve Their Handwork?

Is There a Way For Dental Students To Improve Their Handwork?

It goes without saying that dentistry is a practical profession and a certain level of manual dexterity is required. This is not surprising, and therefore most dental school admissions and interviews from the candidates test the manual dexterity.

The candidate can be asked to make a replica tooth model or carry out a carving of a tooth in wax. Not everyone has the same required level of manual dexterity and if you have two left hands then you probably should not be going into dentistry as a profession.

There are, however, many different ways in which you can improve your handy work as a dental student. There is no one method however you have to choose something that you will enjoy and most likely carry on doing in order to improve your manual dexterity. Making carvings out of soap or wood is extremely effective in improving your handiwork.

Some students carry out origami and that is also another way to improve your manual dexterity. Any art related or craft related activity will be useful in this respect.

The improvement of your manual dexterity must be commenced at the beginning of the first year of your dental course even though you will not be seeing patients for at least a year and a half afterwards and this is because manual dexterity is not something you can build up on overnight but it takes many hours and days to accomplish.

All dental students should actively seek to improve their handi- work at an early stage and there are many ways in which you can do that as outlined above.