What Should Be My Oral Health Care Routine?

How To Look After Your Dental Health Your oral health routines should take you no more than 10 minutes every day. First and most importantly on the agenda is to have a quick look around your mouth. This does not need to be every single day but try to have a look around your mouth… Continue reading What Should Be My Oral Health Care Routine?

Complications Of Sinus Lifting

Sinus Lifting The name for this procedure is a “maxillary sinus floor augmentation” but you may also hear the terms “sinus augmentation” “sinus lifting” and “sinus graft” used. One of the major problems when trying to place implants in the upper jaw is that the maxillary sinus limits the amount of available bone height for… Continue reading Complications Of Sinus Lifting

Dental Morphology Of Permanent Premolars

The term premolar is used to denote any tooth in the permanent dentition of mammals that replaces a primary molar. There are 8 premolars – 4 in the maxillary arch and 4 in the mandibular arch. They can be identified by the International Numbering System using the formula of Viohla as teeth 14, 15, 24,… Continue reading Dental Morphology Of Permanent Premolars

How Can A Dentist Recognise And Treat Dental Erosion

Treating Dental Erosion Dental erosion is defined as the loss of surface tooth structure due to acid other than from bacterial plaque. The two most common diseases in the mouth are dental caries and periodontal disease. They are both caused by bacteria in plaque. Dental caries result of tooth erosion but hard tooth structure is also lost… Continue reading How Can A Dentist Recognise And Treat Dental Erosion

Communication Skills For Dentistry

Communication Skills A successful dentist will have good communication skills to build rapport and trust. A good dentist will be able to really get along with his/her patients and this relationship is crucial for the management of their anxiety. There are various communication strategies, general and specific, both of which are very important. This communication… Continue reading Communication Skills For Dentistry

Disadvantages Of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implant usage continues to increase at a rapid rate in comparison to traditional or more conventional implants. They are less complex, less surgery is required and the costs are significantly less. Overall, fewer complications arise from mini dental implants than conventional implants however there are certain things to be aware about beforehand. These… Continue reading Disadvantages Of Mini Dental Implants

Denture Cleaner

Denture cleaners at home consist of manual cleaning, chemical cleaning and both. All dentures must be cleaned in a similar fashion as cleaning natural teeth because oral bacteria will still build up on surfaces of all dentures. If the denture is not cleaned regularly, it will soon build up bacteria which can harm your gums… Continue reading Denture Cleaner

Case Study – Defective Filling

Case Study Consent is a complex subject and although there are universally agreed principles there are also certain “grey areas” when the dental team needs to make their own balanced judgements. For consent to be valid, the patient must have received enough information to make the decision. This is what we mean by ‘informed consent’.… Continue reading Case Study – Defective Filling

Dentures Or Implants

This is a common question amongst patients and it can sometimes depend on who you go to. If you go to an implant dentist, he or she will tell you that implants are the best solution. However if you go to a dentist who specialises in dentures, he will tell you that dentures are better.… Continue reading Dentures Or Implants

Gum Pain After An Extraction

Gum pain can occur after you have had a tooth extracted. If you have had several teeth taken out then this gum pain will be more likely and more common than just having a simple extraction of one tooth carried out. Gum pain after an extraction may be simply due to where you had the… Continue reading Gum Pain After An Extraction