Morphology Of Mandibular Premolars

Head of high-speed dental handpiece with bur and a layout of the human jaw in dentist's hands on the white isolated background. Dental instruments for dental treatment. Close-up view.

There are two common types of mandibular second premolars: a two-cusp type with one lingual cusp (frequency 43%), and a three-cusp type with two lingual cusps (frequency 54,2%)

Is A Mobile Dental Clinic a Good Option?

There are not that many mobile dentistry‚Äôs, so there must be a good reason to use this. Let’s explain this in a bit more detail by looking at reasons why a dentist may consider a mobile Dental Clinic as being a good option. Firstly, with a mobile dental care clinic, you would think that they… Continue reading Is A Mobile Dental Clinic a Good Option?